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Colombian Air Force acquires XQ-7000 Water Distillation System

Colombian Air Force acquires XQ-7000 Water Distillation System
Turbo Pure Water and TRACE Worldwide Corporation have announced that the Colombian Air Force is now using the XQ-7000 Water Distillation System for turbine rinse and airframe wash operations at its air bases in Tres Equinas, Baranquilla, and San Andreas Island.
including salt water spray and wildfire smoke, and experience has shown that the high purity water produced by the Turbo Pure Water XQ-7000 System helps to prevent corrosion and increase performance as part of a regular maintenance program. Maintenance personnel at these locations have reported that the XQ-7000 systems are operating effectively, and a spokesman for the Air Force suggested they have plans to add more Turbo Pure equipment at other locations throughout Colombia.
Turbo Pure Water produces a complete line purpose built, ultra-high purity water systems for any size air operation, distributed in partnership with TRACE Worldwide Corporation throughout North, Central and South America.

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