UTC Aerospace Systems


Landing Gear

UTC Landing Gear Division is one of the largest suppliers of integrated landing gear systems in the world and has built its reputation on performance and innovation. The company provides landing gear for a wide range of commercial, regional, military and business aircraft applications, outfitting aircraft from most of the world’s major airframers.

Principal product offerings comprise the main and nose landing gear structures but applications can also include the complementary control systems that govern the operation of the entire landing system from the cockpit controls to the wheels, brakes and tires.

A continuing focus on the use of lighter-weight materials, more electric technologies and increasingly robust systems, will help secure Landing Gear’s position as the preferred choice for new aircraft applications worldwide.

Wheels & Brakes

UTC Wheels & Brakes Division designs, manufactures, tests and supports aircraft wheel and braking systems for more than 200 commercial, civil and military aircraft applications worldwide.

Products include electric and hydraulically actuated brakes with steel or carbon friction material, brake control systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and brake temperature monitoring systems.

Innovations include DURACARB® carbon friction material, EDL® extended life configurations, and the newer electro-mechanical braking technology and systems integration. Other advanced technology includes hydraulic and electrically actuated brakes and innovative wheel designs. These technological improvements provide exceptional brake performance, maximized durability and minimized maintenance costs.